Favorite things

When I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad!

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Happy Monday loves! It’s going to be a busy but great week I can feel it!!

You know it is going to start off on the right foot when you’re being bombarded by inspiration left and right after thinking about some of your favorite things!


What are some of your favorite things? What do you love most? What makes you feel happy?

Sometimes we can get caught up in the quickness of life and it can be difficult to sit back for a moment and consider the small things that make us feel comforted and truly happy. It’s the little things that can get brushed aside or forgotten when we’re busy, but it’s also those little things that inspire us, that speak to us and tell us life is more than just the big picture!


If it’s not completely obvious by now, one of my absolute favorite things that fuels my creativity is music!! When I was young I actually thought I was going to become a singer when I grew up, that was my wish anyway. I guess as I got older singing along to my favorite songs became enough, but I still very much miss performing on stage.


Music will always be a creative force for me; when I listen to music I see visions of images I’d like to create. The more I create them, the more I receive them. During boudoir sessions I love to listen to the Spotify playlist I’ve created, it helps create a flow and mood to your images that showcases your natural movements as the music flows through.

You can listen & follow my playlist here (a great playlist for Valentines Day 😉 – Boudoir List

What are some of your absolute favorite songs that make you feel incredible? I want to know what music inspires you and makes you feel alive! I’ll be adding these to the playlist for sure!

All my love,