How to get a fresh start in 5 simple steps!

Maybe you are ready for a fresh start but aren’t quite sure where to begin!


Feeling a bit stuck lately? Or just in need of something new to rejuvenate you? Maybe you’re missing something from the past that you used to love to do? Or maybe you have no idea where to begin or what to do, but you know that you’re in need of change and want a fresh start!


I get it, change can be hard and getting used to our daily routines becomes a comfort zone crutch that prevents us from moving forward in pursuit of our life goals. I’ve found that often a fresh start, even if very small, can have a huge impact on keeping me motivated and excited about things that are going on in my life.


I’m definitely no stranger to fresh starts! I grew up in Southern California and got a huge fresh start when I moved across the country to North Carolina. I had worked in the Real Estate industry for years while pursuing my education in Communication and Adult Education; I got a fresh start in academia teaching undergraduates public speaking. Searching for something different, I went back to the corporate world and entered the Banking industry as a internal trainer with the hopes it’d fuse my two unrelated backgrounds. My role eventually evolved into project/issue management which provided opportunities for change and learning new things practically daily. As much as I loved my former roles and pursuits, there was still a creative element that was severely missing that left me feeling incomplete. I knew another fresh start was imperative to pursuing my purpose of teaching others how to improve their self love…but how exactly?? I put on my thinking cap and considered how have I successfully implemented fresh starts in my past, was there a pattern? And if so, how could I convert that into a simple process that can be taught and replicated?


Start fresh, new beginnings


I developed a simple 5 step process for finding a fresh start;

it can be applied to larger changes in your life like moving across the country or even small changes you want to make such as incorporating daily meditation. Whatever ‘it’ is, we will find out what you need to shift and start fresh!

We’re going to start this week with-

Step 1:

Start by making two lists.

One list should be of all the NEW things you’d love to try but have never done. This should be a quick brainstorm, just a brief exercise of things you would like to try.

Maybe it’s your own boudoir lifestyle session, maybe you want to learn an instrument, try a new hobby, a new fitness routine etc. The possibilities are endless, see how many you can think of in five minutes or less.


Your second list should be of all the OLD things you love and used to do but haven’t done in a long time. Maybe you enjoyed doing these things as a kid, or months even years ago but haven’t lately. Maybe you used to hike or paint and draw but haven’t in years. Again, there are so many possibilities here – in five minutes or less think of all the things you used to love doing.


Next week I will share with you step #2 and what you need to do with the lists you’ve created.

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