How boudoir photography is like getting a custom tattoo!

It wasn’t until my most recent tattoo that I started to notice just how similar the experience of boudoir photography is like getting a custom tattoo!

I quickly realized how much I wanted my business of boudoir photography to emulate that unique, exciting process of getting a tattoo!

I have been getting tattooed since I was old enough to legally get one. Each piece of my body art is unique and meaningful to me. I have several and no doubt will continue to get more tattoos. I know I’m not the only one when 4 out of every 10 Americans have their own tattoos. Many of whom ascribe either aesthetics or personal meaning to their custom artwork.

What was your first tattoo like? How about your most recent tattoo? Was it meaningful to you in some way or did you just really love how it looks?


In my experience, getting a tattoo is a collaborative process that produces not only beautiful art but also a one of a kind experience – just like boudoir photography!

tattoo boudoir-3


Firstly, let’s focus on the collaborative aspect of tattooing and boudoir photography! When you have an idea for a tattoo design you might have a few images, quotes, other art, etc. that has inspired tattoo boudoir-4you and your vision. You’ve done your research and have found the perfect artist that speaks to you and the idea you have in mind. You’ll hand over all your reference art and describe what you’re looking for to the artist who you’ll entrust to create a customized, meaningful piece of art that will last your lifetime. Boudoir is no different! When you meet with me to plan your own boudoir session, we discuss your vision and review any reference artwork that has inspired you. We work together to create artwork that YOU love and want to create. This collaborative process allows us to make art that is unique and meaningful to you personally.

Just like custom tattoos, boudoir is extremely personal. Each image represents a point in time that is meaningful in some way.  That unique, personal meaning is something that only you are able to define. No one can tell you what your tattoo should mean to you, likewise no one can tell you what your boudoir session should mean. I think that’s one of the things that makes it so special actually, is that each session can be so unique depending on where you’re at and what’s going on in your life that you can have several very different boudoir sessions and they could all look and mean something very different just like each of my tattoos hold a unique meaning during that point in life.

Lastly, my favorite thing about boudoir photography has to be that beauty is how you define it. What you find beautiful is special and unique, it doesn’t have to conform to what someone else finds aesthetically appealing. Just like a tattoo, you decide what looks beautiful to you because it’s YOUR BODY!


tattoo boudoir-2tattoo boudoir-1Boudoir has also grown in popularity and like tattooing is viewed as a respected artform.

What tattoos do you have that you would like to showcase in your own boudoir session? Or maybe you don’t have any tattoos and would love the experience minus the needles? 🙂

Contact me and find out how we can work together to create memorable, one of a kind artwork that is unique and meaningful to you!

Take a look at my portfolio for ideas and other images of tattoos.




Most of my artwork has been done by these two incredibly talented artists; check them out and book your next tattoo with them. I guarantee you will not be disappointed:

Hayley Moran – Haylo Healing Arts Lounge

Tom – 510 Expert Tattoo