My earliest art influences

Why make art? To quiet the mind thus making it susceptible to divine influences.

-John Cage


If you asked me what my art influences are I could give you an endless list, but if you asked whom on that list were the absolute most influential there’s one artist in particular that immediately comes to mind – my Mom!


From as early as I can remember I have been in awe of her abilities. She is so creative and talented it’s incredible. One of my ALL time favorite paintings of hers is the Banana’s in love. I just LOVE it, it makes me happy when I look at it!

Bananas in love art influences



My mom’s drawings are also awesome and I loved to sit and watch her turn a blank sheet into exactly what she was looking at. I can’t even draw a stick figure so it always impressed me so much to see her paint and draw.

But that’s not all…


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If you could create anything, what would you be inspired to make?


My favorite time of year is Halloween! Why? Because when I was a kid my mom would ask us in the beginning of October – “What do you want to be for Halloween?”. Imagine endless possibilities of make believe and creativity. We would go to the fabric store and pic out our costume patterns. My mom would then magically turn them into some of the most beautiful and creative costumes I’ve ever seen!


art influences - moms artart influences - moms art










Art influences shape your creative visions


More often than not, our art influences inspire us from a distance doing what they do best. Their ability to create incredible things sparks creativity in you.

What doesn’t occur often is the opportunity to learn directly from our greatest influencers. I am so thankful to have been raised by such an altruistic and kind person like my mother. She has taught me so much, well beyond just art, and she continues to do so.

Getting to see her this past week and talk about art has me all kinds of inspired!

I miss her daily and wished we didn’t live so far apart, but when we do get to see each other it’s perfect. I’m reminded to appreciate each and every moment you have with the ones you cherish; live in the moment and love hard!

art influences - moms artart influences - moms art










If you would like to get creative and make some art please contact me and let me know your ideas! I’d love to create something special with you.

I’m also in the middle of creating some amazing pieces for the upcoming creative session model call. If you are interested in participating but have not yet registered, you can sign up here!