The Boho Studio

The Boho Studio – a creative refuge


It’s finally ready for me to share with you!! Boho Studio sneak peeks 1 1024x686 - The Boho Studio

I welcome you to my new creative area that I have dubbed –

The Boho Studio!


A place to relax, unwind, and create magic!


I often work with clients in the privacy and comfort of their own home, however I understand this isn’t always an option for some. Likewise it is nice to have a more dedicated space to be creative and design new art.


I wanted to provide an alternative option for those who want the same level of comfort and personalization during their boudoir lifestyle sessions.


A space to co-create art with others.



Art is an evolutionary process.

It grows and expands with self-actualization and expression.



The Boho Studio is a judgement free, creative, artistic, evolving zone where all women are welcome to express themselves as they wish.


I want each person that enters this space to feel the spark of self love and to experience the expansion of that flame so they can pass it along to others.



I would absolutely love to co-create boudoir artwork in the new Boho Studio with you! If you love the new look and are interested in your own boudoir session please contact me for a free phone consultation. Please tell me your ideas so we can begin creating your one of a kind experience and art!


All my love,



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