Fantasy Boudoir – Step into your dream world!

Fantasy Boudoir

 is where dreams become reality


I set an intention towards the end of 2018 – I decided to incorporate Fantasy boudoir in my portfolio! I agreed to let divine inspiration to fill my thoughts as I manifested dreams.

My very fist piece I’d like to share with you was inspired by wall art I have hanging in my home that represents 12 months of good luck. This fantasy boudoir piece I have titled 12 months. It represents 12 months of creativity. May 2019 bring you creativity and expansion!


12 Months 1024x1024 - Fantasy Boudoir - Step into your dream world!


Fantasy is the free play of creative imagination.


Over the last couple months I’ve dedicated time to creating digital artwork with a boudoir and fantasy aspect. I have been pulling inspiration from all around me, art, nature, music…. you name it!


The funny thing about it is I feel like I’m “going back to my roots”. My photography journey really began in photoshop. I had a terrible camera and instead invested in Photoshop at the time to turn simple images into something more creative. I’ve missed that!


I believe this is my yin & yang, my happy balance. Lifestyle boudoir and Fantasy boudoir are each a side to a completed coin.

My ultimate goal with my lifestyle boudoir sessions is to take images as closed to perfect in camera so there is little to no editing after. For me, this communicates a stronger message that all women are stunning just as they are and do not need heavy editing to look a certain way.


With that said, I miss creative editing. It’s fun and can produce interesting artwork even though it’s not always needed for every image.

My creative spirit felt somewhat lacking when I cut out creative editing and I wondered how I could incorporate it back into my artwork. I thought long and hard about how I could maintain my committed focus to boudoir photography while also diving back into creative digital editing.


And this is where I find myself; along a path where I enjoy the journey  more than I strive to reach some arbitrary destination.

The Path1 1024x576 - Fantasy Boudoir - Step into your dream world!


So here we are, at the crossroads where reality and fantasy intersect.


I’m stepping into the unknown. I’m letting go of the worry and fear I’ve hung onto for far too long; afraid to share my vision and art with others. Afraid of what others may think.

No, now I’m excited to learn what others may think.

I want to know what fantasy’s others have. I want to help bring them to life. I’m no longer scared of what could happen and am now excited for the possibilities.


I truly hope you enjoy some of my new fantasy boudoir artwork. If you have an idea that you would like to see brought to life I would absolutely love to hear from you, please reach out so we can collaborate!
Almost sweet music 300x300 - Fantasy Boudoir - Step into your dream world!
Blemishedv2 240x300 - Fantasy Boudoir - Step into your dream world!

My wish for you this year is that you acknowledge your dreams, whatever they may be, and they manifest around you.

All my love,


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