About Caputo Photography


Artist Statement


My goal is to capture images that are not only seen, they are felt. I am captivated by the ability of art to communicate heartfelt emotions as well as complex ideas and beliefs. 

My approach will always be to gain a deeper understanding of this phenomena. As well as how art creates a shared existence amongst those who comprehend the underlying emotions communicated within each piece. 

Further interesting is art’s ability to reshape our current realities and how it forces us to go beyond what we may have once thought or felt, thus creating new truths that make up our understanding of the world we are a part of. 

Combing two mediums, photography and fiber art, allows me to provide two simultaneous views. First being the larger picture, to step back and see it as a whole and secondly to come as close as possible and experience the fine details of each textile. 

As I create each piece, it is my hope to encourage artistic expression in others and foster a love for combining mediums that takes us beyond what we can currently imagine; to create a world of art that is yet to exist.



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Caputo Photography is based in Salisbury, NC and specializes in one of a kind fine art photography fiber art sculptures.