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Artist Biography



Jen Caputo


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 As a young artist

growing up in Southern California I was exposed to various mediums and was able to cultivate a deep appreciation for art at a young age by learning from my parents. I was able to create my own personal sense of artistic expression and what it meant to create from the heart.  I enjoyed exploring how we communicate complex ideas through often abstract performances. 

As time went on, I found myself drifting further away from creating artwork that I found meaningful. I spent less and less time creating art and began feeling the profound affects of holding back that much needed outlet. 

I once asked a good friend who has dedicated his life to music “how do you stay so committed to your art?” To which he replied, “I can’t help it, it’s like breathing for me.” It was at that moment that I knew I had been holding my breath for far too long.  



   In 2016 I recommitted to my art. 

I decided to focus on my love of photography and digital editing as well as sewing and textiles. After opening Caputo Photography and returning to that authentic space of creation, the flood gates opened! From the moment I began my professional artistic pursuits, opportunities and inspiration have been presented in various forms. My art has allowed me to go beyond any limiting beliefs I may have once carried and pushed me further than what I ever imagined possible. 


Everyday I’m grateful for the opportunity to create artwork that makes me feel happy and encouraged. I’m thankful to now be living in the beautiful state of North Carolina where art history is rich and a love for art is prevalent. Of the things I am most appreciative of is the opportunity to raise two amazing children and teach them the importance of being creative and cultivate a love for art in a new generation.

When they show me their own passion filled artwork or ask me repeatedly when is the next art exhibit we can go see, I am given confirmation that I am on the right path to providing them with the same exposure to various art forms that I was given.


It is my greatest hope that my art ultimately encourages others to go past what they currently think is possible to pursue their own passions, whatever they may be. 




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Caputo Photography is based in Salisbury, NC and specializes in one of a kind fine art photography fiber art sculptures.