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Jen Caputo Artist Biography

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When I consider what truly defines my artistry, I can’t help but think of what shaped it into existence. All the experiences throughout my life continue to shift and evolve my work.

I was born and raised in Southern California!

Thankfully I was introduced to various art forms at a young age as my mom was a painter and loved to sew, while my father had an appreciation for music and photography.

Like my father, I had a deep passion for performing arts and photography. I absolutely loved to sing (still do!) and have always found music to be a huge source of inspiration. Photography was always a fun hobby I indulged in and could spend hours playing with digital editing. As I got older my passion to perform grew into a love for public speaking and teaching.

I went on to earn my BA and MS in Communication and worked as a public speaking instructor, and later a corporate trainer.

As I got older the less I seemed to create and perform.

I had a difficult time finding a creative release and decided to return to photography and digital editing.

Once I acknowledged the importance of creativity and art in my life the flood gates opened! Everyday is now filled with inspiration and creative pursuits!

At Caputo Photography I wear many hats! I’m not only the photographer, I’m also often the model for self portrait work, the costume designer, creative editor, and fiber sculptor.

So why do I do all of this?

Because I believe that artistic inspiration is a gift and with it comes the responsibility to share and inspire others to pursue their own passions!



I now live with my loving husband and two beautiful children in Salisbury, NC.

I’m grateful for every day that I have with my wonderful family and friends. They encourage me and are my biggest supporters for my art. With out their love I would’ve never known how magical this life truly is.




Caputo Photography artwork is one of a kind fine art photography with fiber sculpture

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