Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions



My very fist exhibition!!


August 16-18, 2019

Carolina Bohemian Jam

This must-see festival is the Carolinas’ celebration to commemorate the era of music that would influence generations to come. Don’t miss the most cosmic event of the year at the Rowan County Fairgrounds in Salisbury, North Carolina.



September 2, 2019 – February 1, 2020

Water Works Visual Arts Center

Waterworks Visual Arts Center is a not -for-profit, noncollecting visual arts museum located in Salisbury North Carolina. Founded in 1959, it is one of only twelve (12) nationally accredited art museums in North Carolina. It is an exciting place where ideas, issues, and communities converge to expand traditional ways of thinking and explore the complex and unfolding patterns between artistic and cultural spheres.




Artist Statement

When I consider the defining characteristics of the ultimate hippy it’s not the scarf in her hair or her bohemian clothes. It is the music in her soul and the peace in her eyes. That peaceful gaze permeates all that she does and all that she is.



‘Peaceful Gaze’

Peaceful Gaze




Caputo Photography artwork is one of a kind fine art photography with fiber sculpture

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